The Wedding

We are probably the first to ring the bell on your wedding day. While you, together or apart, are enjoying a capuccino, we start with the first takes. Today is the day, you're getting married!

Our camera men is humbly present and the charisma and quality to pleasently blend in, which allows everyone to be themselves. All the big moments will be filmed, moments such as your first meeting, the moment you say yes, but he also has eye for detail, emotions and all the most important people around you

From the moment of the first take, a professional editor is processing the shots behind the scenes. On your favorite music, all the highlights of your wedding will eternalised. This is where the magic happens. The magic of the right shots, the right emotions and the right moments

At the moment that you are making a beautiful entrance on your evening, we will start the wedding film on a big screen. This is an impressive moment where you, with all your friends and family relive this beautiful day. This is succes guaranteed and gives an incredible feeling of connection

The camera men will keep taking shots, even during the the presentation of the film. Your entrance, your opening dance and the vibing dancefloor will be added to the displayed film and you will receive a link to the complete version within two days

What we have to offer

- Wedding film on your favorite music

- Your wedding film shown on the wedding

- Mini version of the film for social media

- A private web page with the video, which you can share with friends and family

- Drone shots

- The entire ceremony eternalised

- Bonus material (all 'raw takes' of your wedding)